Review – Dublin III

Being #29 in the queue, I thought I had a good chance at being front row centre again, but three different ticket turnstiles stalled… Argh! Shannon and Barbara had the same troubles and about 100 people passed me! In the end, I was front row in front of Adam, so it wasn’t so bad. The show had promised to be a rocker, with Electrical Storm and Drowning Man being rehearsed during the soundcheck, but they were never performed. However, we were treated to New Year’s Day and Stay (Far Away, So Close). The crowd was particularly lively and loud tonight. I was sad to see everyone leave, as it was a great reunion with all those friends I met last tour. There are too many to mention here, but I do miss all their company in the queue – Carrie, Shannon, Abby, Amy, Anwyn, Adrian, Vik, Andreas, Brad, Melissa, Arnie, Jerry, Bowman, Philippe, Mark, Christina, Wendy, Eva, Ben, Jereon, Antoinette, Debbie, Erik, Mettre, James, Fiona, Mary-anne, Sara, and many others. I hope to see them all again at a future show:)

Link to zipped file of mp3s of entire show (Right Click and Save-As).


  1. Marina P - reply

    Hi Joe!

    I’ve met at Barnacles hostel, you stayed in the same room as my friend a brazilian girl who lives in Japan. And we were close on the third concert. You sure took some great pics!

    See you around! :P

  2. MAC - reply

    Hi! I wish i could do more shows this year…but what about you coming in Switzerland next year for a U2 show?
    That world is very small and sounds smaller and smaller to me as i travel around (not as often as you but still…)
    Hope you have a great time to your next U2 shows and to your next travels around the world!
    Stay safe and close :D

  3. Joseph Ahorro - reply

    Hey Mary-Anne!
    It was great to meet you at the front of the stage of all places. Small world that you also knew Mark, Christina, and Ben! Hopefully our paths will cross again under the same circumstances :)

  4. MAC - reply

    Hi Joseph!
    Its Marie-Anne and i was beside you on front row at Croke 3! You did great pics during the show and i told you Adam must love you!
    Your site looks awesome…i will spend some time here!
    It was great to have a friendly guy beside me during the show!
    Great to have met you!
    Thanks for sharing your pics

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