A Journey to The (fallen) Joshua Tree

A Journey to The (fallen) Joshua Tree

A day after seeing U2’s appearance at the iHeartradio Music Festival, I met up with fellow fans Nate, Deni, and Terrence for a drive out to Death Valley National Park to see The Joshua Tree. It was a rather timely pilgrimage considering our visit was on the eve of U2’s 40th anniversary. In any event, visiting The Joshua Tree is a must for any U2 fan to pay homage to one of their masterpiece albums. Here is a video with a new and different perspective on The Tree.


  1. Ted Pivetz - reply

    Thanks for the post, Joe. My brother and I would love to head out to the Joshua Tree site. Truly one of the great album covers ever. Well done, Joe!

    Ted Pivetz

    • Joe Ahorro - reply

      Thanks, Ted! It’s quite the U2 pilgrimage.

  2. Anton - reply

    Beautiful movie :)
    Is the tree far from the road?
    Best regards
    /Anton, Sweden

    • Joe Ahorro - reply

      Hi Anton,
      The tree is about a 5-10 minute walk off the road – not too far.

  3. Todd Darbyshire - reply

    Thanks for the sharing of your journey

  4. Sam Hallett - reply

    Great fottage of your journey. Emotional, thank you for sharing.

  5. Djundi - reply

    Great one Joe and Nate..

  6. Terrence Hugh Joyce - reply

    Joe this is awesome…..Great great job

  7. Martin Ward - reply

    Thanks GA Joe and Nate for this great footage . I must go there one day .

  8. Alan Ivory - reply

    Fantastic footage’, thanks very much for taking the time to do this and for sharing,.

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