Boston, USA


  • Release July 11, 2015
  • Genre TD Garden

U2 performed their second of four Boston concerts today. If you missed proceedings yesterday, visit here to check out what happened.

This show featured some alterations to the usual order of the setlist. At all previous shows this tour, Every Breaking Wave has led into Bullet The Blue Sky. Tonight it preceded Bad instead, which was followed by With Or Without You and then City Of Blinding Lights before they got to Bullet. This is the first time City Of Blinding Lights has been played in the main set this tour (it still had the Stephen Hawking intro normally used to begin the encore), and the first time With Or Without You has not been the final song of the main set.

Bad was played in honour of U2’s performance at Live Aid thirty years ago, though Bono was slightly off when he said it was thirty years to the day; Live Aid was 13 July 1985. Bad has now been played at four of the last five shows. This is the second time this tour it has been played twice in the same city (first was Chicago, which got Bad at the second and fifth concerts), and the third time it has been done at consecutive shows – but the first time those consecutive shows have been in the same city.

Earlier in proceedings, the second song of the night was Out Of Control returning to the set after a two-show absence. However, at the start Larry began Vertigo’s drum intro a song early, hence its inclusion in the set below as a snippet. Tonight’s version of I Will Follow was an extended version with extra lyrics improvised before the “your eyes make a circle” verse.

The rotational slots during the second set were both filled by songs from Rattle And Hum. Desire returned after missing two shows, then Bono pulled a young male fan called Brian on stage to perform Angel Of Harlem on guitar with the band. The song had been absent from the setlist for one show. After the performance, Bono let Brian keep the acoustic guitar that he played.

Like last night, Pride featured a tribute to the Boston Marathon bombings. Beautiful Day closed the main set, and the encore was just two songs – it began with Bono’s lengthy pre-Streets speech about AIDS and finished with a performance of One. That means that for the first time this tour One has been played at three shows in a row. The changes in the setlist order created excitement, but if I may editorialize here briefly, Pride is a good main set closer and Beautiful Day should have opened the encore rather than a speech.

A copy of the printed set shows that I Still Haven’t Found was listed before One, but it was not played. A different printed set, probably an earlier draft, does not have I Still Haven’t Found, but after One it lists the final song as The Troubles – which also was not played (

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