Dublin, Ireland


  • Release November 23, 2015
  • Genre 3Arena

U2 plays its first indoor gig in Dublin since December 31, 1989, and this gig happens in essentially the same building. Then it was known as the Point Depot theatre; now, after a renovation and some name changes, it’s 3Arena and it’s packed with U2 fans that have come to Dublin from all over the world.

The big questions leading up to the show are how U2’s tour crew would fit the I+E tour staging into such a small venue, and how would the show be different because of the small size of the venue? The answer: not much. Due to the shape of the arena, the GA floor is wider and shorter than normal. That means the e-stage is positioned halfway down the walkway, right below the video screen — rather than at the far end of the walkway/screen. When lowered, the screen covers the e-stage, forcing Bono to stand stage left on the main stage for his interplay with Edge (who’s in the screen) during “Until The End Of The World.” There’s no paper/confetti drop at the end of that song. During “Even Better Than The Real Thing,” the band walks carefully along the side of the lowered screen to get to the e-stage.

The fan brought on stage tonight is a girl from California, prompting Bono to speak/sing bits of “California” and “California Girls” in between “Mysterious Ways” and “Elevation.”

Very appropriately, the song played in the arena after the show ends is Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town,” (U2tours.com).