Dublin, Ireland


  • Release November 27, 2015
  • Genre 3Arena

U2’s third of four shows in Dublin sees the band dipping back for a couple songs that haven’t been played in recent weeks. “Gloria” is played for the first time since November 7th in Glasgow and “New Year’s Day” is played for the first time since October 29th in London — and only the third time this whole tour. Both songs are met with rapturous approval from the crowd, who sing the songs loudly — that applies to the whole show, for that matter. It was loud.

Bono gives a somewhat lengthy and different introduction to “Iris” tonight, and does the same during an unexpected performance of “Bad” late in the show. He tells the audience that Andy Rowen — whom both “Bad” and “Raised By Wolves” were written about — is at the show. He says Andy was “a brilliant, bright mind” who “got lost along the way. I’m proud to say he very much has found himself and he’s with us tonight.” Bono says that Andy brought a piece of the car that exploded in the 1974 Dublin bombing (as told in “Raised By Wolves”) with him to the show tonight, and when Bono asked why he has that in his possession, Andy replied, “It took a little piece of me, so I took a piece of it.”

Matt Damon, Colin Farrell, and Taoiseach Enda Kenny were also at the show (u2tours.com).