New York, USA


  • Release July 19, 2015
  • Genre Madison Square Garden

U2 performed their second of eight shows in New York City. If you missed yesterday’s set, including the surprise live resurrection of October, you can check it out here.

Early in the set, U2 performed Gloria for just the fourth time this tour, returning to the set after missing one show. Bono introduced it by saying that U2 do not play it often enough.

During the E stage set, Volcano returned for its sixth appearance of the tour (and seventh live performance ever). Like Gloria, it had missed just one show since it was last played. It was followed by Stuck In A Moment’s fifth performance of tour, another song returning after a single-show absence.

October stayed in the setlist tonight, its second performance since returning from an absence of more than 25 years. It was dedicated to astronaut Mark Kelly and congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who are husband and wife. With both Gloria and October in the setlist, this means tonight’s show is the first since 11 November 1989 to feature two songs from the October album.

In the encore, Bad was performed after missing three shows. It has normally been played late in the main set – the last time it was in the encore was for its first appearance of the tour on 15 May. Historically, it has normally been a late-main-set kind of song, though it is no stranger to the encore; for example, it appeared in the encore a number of times during the Vertigo Tour and once more for its only North American performance of 2011 in Pittsburgh. The encore finished with another song returning after an absence: I Still Haven’t Found came back after missing two shows (U2

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