Paris, France


  • Release November 11, 2015
  • Genre AccorHotels Arena

U2 are in Paris for their second of four concerts in the city. As was the case yesterday, tonight is being filmed for the HBO special which will be broadast in Canada and the United States on 14 November. This is just the latest in U2’s history of releasing live songs from Paris; read about it here.

The Electric Co. returned to the set after missing two concerts, taking the rotational second slot that was mysteriously skipped last night. Elevation was played for the second night in succession in the Meerkat slot, the second time this tour that it has been played two nights in a row. The other e-stage rotational slot, also passed over last night, was taken by Sweetest Thing after an absence of two shows. Every Breaking Wave was dedicated to Ryan Tedder, who helped U2 with the song during production of Songs of Innocence.

One, also performed for the second night in a row, was interrupted in a bizarre manner by a fan who jumped on stage towards the end of the song. The man apparently moved towards Bono with the intent of giving him a hug but was stopped by security before he could do so. As the band went into “Bono-mode” (when they just repeat the same part of the song until Bono is ready to continue), Bono stopped the security, brought the man back, and sat with him for the rest of the song. It is probably safe to assume that moment will not make it onto the HBO broadcast. During October, Bono spoke briefly on the effect war had on Europe and tied it to the refugee crisis. Today, 11 November, is Armistice Day in France, Belgium, Serbia, and New Zealand, Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth, and Veteran’s Day in the United States (