Stockholm, Sweden


  • Release September 21, 2015
  • Genre Ericsson Globe

U2 returns to the Globe Arena stage one night after having to postpone a show because of a security breach at the venue. On arrival at the arena, fans are given a list of items that are prohibited from being brought inside. Tonight’s show goes off without a hitch.

Before “Iris,” Bono discusses what happened last night: “We’re very pleased to be here in Stockholm and actually playing a show. You may have heard we had a security breach last night and I have to say our audience handled it brilliantly. And the police, too. We want to say thank you to them for being cautious. Thank you for taking care of our audience. It was hard to cancel a show, but it was the right thing to do.”

In “I Will Follow,” Bono sings about surrendering to love “and the peace that passes all understanding” — a reference to Philippians 4:7, and also the title of a Richie Furay song (

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