December 9, 2006 – Honolulu

Location: General Admission – Fourth Row Centre

The last show of the Vertigo Tour :( It was certainly a homecoming, having the chance to see many people I’ve met during my travels. There were many touching moments during the show. During the introduction song, “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire, was being played, all the cities U2 performed during the Tour appeared. This opened the floodgates of memory for me; reminding me of all the shows I’ve been to, the wonderful people I met, and the experiences I encountered. When Bono was crying at the end of ‘With or Without You’ when he was looking at ‘the gathering of the faithful’ I was tearing up too. Although this concert touched many people on variegated levels, to me, it summed up the struggles of my great journey over the past two years. Aside from my own memories, during “Rockin’ In A Free World” with Pearl Jam and U2, it appeared the band was having such a grand time. As well, the performance with Billie Joe Armstrong of Greenday during “The Saints Are Coming” was a strong performance. In more ways than one, I was sad to hear them close with “All I Want Is You.” I am eagerly awaiting for the next tour!

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