Review – Chorzow

For this show, I went with my friend Bryan, who is also a big U2 fan, and saw U2 with me during the Vertigo tour at London II, Dublin I and II. We got to the queue at 5AM, after an 1.5 hour drive from Krakow, and found my friend Arnie whom I met at the Dublin queues! It wasn’t as bad of a line, much better than I anticipated in fact, but when they opened one gate ahead of ours, my number 39 became redundant, and didn’t make it to the front :(. Oh well, I have little reason to complain; we had a great spot all things considered and met some kind Polish women in front of us. It was also nice to meet Rafa and Johanna in the queue. The show itself was amazing. I teared up during New Year’s Day, considering that I was thinking of my recent visit to the Solidarity Museum in Gdansk a few days early, and thinking for the sacrifices and courage of those shipyard workers for helping bring down the oppressive Communist regime in Poland. When New Years Day came on, the audience turned the stadium into the Polish flag, with the pitch waving red flags, and the stands waving white flags. It was also Edge’s birthday, so there was a particular festive mood in the air that evening, particularly when the crowd sang him happy birthday in Polish, and the band opening a bottle of champagne to cheer the Edge. I was so glad to have been at that show, especially when Moment of Surrender was dedicated to the late, great Pope John Paul II.

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