Review – London I

I knew from the beginning of my trip that my return to London was the end of my summer adventures. With this in mind, I did not take a second for granted, particularly the shows at famed Wembley Stadium. I got to the queue as early as possible. Considering the restrictive times the Tube ran, I arrived at 6AM the day of the show and found Adrian and Karina (fellow U2 fans I met from the Dublin queues). It was also great to meet Marie-Ann, Trevor, and Carl beside me in the line. Of course, it was a blast to see the rest of the English crowd, particularly Wendy who helped me get GA tickets for both shows! I ended up being front row on Adam’s side. I was really happy to be near friends during the show, which makes it all the more an enjoyable show.

Link to zipped file of mp3s of entire show (Right Click and Save-As).

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