Review – London II

This was my last U2 360 show for the first European Leg. I took the earliest Tube that was available and got to Wembley by 6AM. Adrian and Karina where in the F-Gate queue already. I was number 16. My British friends were at the B and C-gates queue, so I wasn’t able to hang out with them. Some people in the queue, like my friends Andreas, Lia, Nick, and Bronwyn, weren’t able to pick up their tickets until 11AM, so they had to split up between the lines, with the intent of having lower numbers in the queue. After learning how Wembley worked the day before, I was well prepared. F-Gate was let in a few seconds earlier, and Adrian and I got through very quickly and got to the front first. We saved a spot for Karina, and we were able to enjoy the show in my favourite spot in a U2 concert – right in front of Bono. The show was stellar. The band was even more into the last Wembley show, and the rare appearance of Bad made the night special.


  1. Joseph Ahorro - reply

    Hey Julie,
    If you want to get picked by Bono, from what I saw during the European leg, it was usually during Mysterious Ways. Two different friends made it up this way. You will need to be front row centre +/- 3 people. To get there, you will have to queue up really early. You should be at least one of the first 10-15th person in the line. You should have a sign that says something short and clever and that you want to dance during Mysterious Ways. Something cheesy like: “I can dance in Mysterious Ways”. Good luck Julie!

  2. s.berryman - reply

    need your help, Joseph….I am going to the Washington D.C show and the Virginia show…need to know how to get into the pit. Also, did Bono pick a girl up during the European shows and if so, where was she in the audience…your help would be so appreciated! Thanks! Julie

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