Review – Zagreb II

“Why the dark before the dawn?”
After 3 hours of sleep from the previous day of queuing up for Zagreb I, I went back to Maksimir Stadium to meet up with Andreas and Lia who had camped out the night. I felt so bad for them because it was a cold evening in Zagreb and all the accommodations were booked up. We agreed to help each other out again to get to the front of the stage. I also ran into Simona (from Milan) who I saw the night before. We became friends and got along famously because she just finished her PhD in Irish literature, and we both understood the benefits and pitfalls of doing a doctorate degree. At around noon, Andreas and I went to buy some sandwiches, and upon our return 10 minutes later, the queue had been jumbled up by the incompetent security at the Stadium. While I had lost my prime spot in the queue, what was worse was being separated from all my friends. Consequently, I would have had to stand on my own, packed in as a sardine with everyone else, and with no chance to go get food or go to the loo. Thinking it through, I felt that it would have been impossible to replicate my spot from the previous night, and that I needed to learn how to enjoy a U2 concert without having to be at the front. Satisfied with my decision, and after much cursing to the security staff, I left the queue to go back to my hostel. On my way back on the tram, I see a bunch if fans congregating in front of the Regent Hotel where the band was staying. Thinking that maybe my day will turn out better, I jumped off the tram and went to the hotel. I saw Luxy and the rest of the Italian girls I knew there too, as well as Lia. 20 minutes later, Larry comes out and starts shaking hands with fans. I was happy enough to even get a picture! While I was waiting for the other band members, I wasn’t sure what they could autograph of mine, until I realized I had Will Durant’s The Story of Philosophy in my bag! I had the book with me to read in the queue for the European leg of the Vertigo tour, and had it with me again for 360. A few minutes later, Bono comes out, and I was happy that he signed my book! Minutes later, Adam appears and also signed my book! I was ecstatic! After this thrilling development, I get back to the Stadium, get into the queue, and luckily Andreas unselfishly saved me a spot second row centre-right on the pitch. I met a great U2 fan – Craig – an Australian who has an IT company in Sarajevo. The show itself was a blockbuster, and the evening reached a high point when my friend Simona was invited on stage to dance with Bono during Mysterious Ways! I was so happy for her because it was her last show to see this tour. Remarkably, the whole stadium started to chant her name – Simona, Simona – after her dance routine, and again, I was so pleased to see that she had this experience. To top this magical night off, as promised the previous night, I was given Bono’s setlist by his techie Tim :) What a night, what a show…

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