Review – Chicago I

Seats: General Admission – Front Row Centre

After almost a month without seeing a U2 gig, my friend Chris and I made it into the Windy City to see U2 open their North American leg of the 360 Tour. We got to the queue at 8:30AM the day before, and as anticipated, there were a handful of fans already. It was great to see Brad (DC), Cathal (Derry), Brad (San Fran), Barbara (Lexington), as well as encountering several new people: Roman, Bret, Amy, Dan, Najet, Fran, Angel, Jim, Trevor, Adam, and many others who I was happy to meet for the first time. We were able to meet the band after their rehearsals the night previous. Getting into the venue was hell – Monterrey Security had no clue what was going on. The biggest farce was seeing two incompetent security guys slowly hole punching each ticket – there were over a 1000 people in the queue. Despite this screw up, I was able to make it to front row centre beside Brad, Bret, Roman, Najet, and Chris. I was happy to be around familiar faces. The show itself was a safe one – not too different from what I heard throughout Europe. Although Bad was always a nice edition. I was able to get a setlist at the end of the night, but was pleased to pass it on to Roman who saw U2 for the first time this tour.


  1. jeremy - reply

    i love your blog!!! i am a HGE fan of u2, i thought i was their biggest fan until i have seen how many shows you have gone to and how far you have traveled. i am from the chicago area and i would LOVE to get the digital files you have of both u2 shows if at all possible. i want to make some posters and put some in a frame and the shots you have are PHENOMENAL. is there any way you can send me the digital pictures of your chicago experience of being in the front row? my email is and my name is jeremy. thank you so much

  2. Joseph Ahorro - reply

    Hi Julie,
    Thank you for leaving a note! I hope you get a chance to meet the band, they are really cool about signing autographs and chatting with their fans. The DC show should be amazing, I hope you have a great time in the queue and the show. Take care!

  3. Eeo - reply

    Hi Joe – I found your blog when I looked up how to handle the queue. I’ve had GA tickets once for Elevation but never for a stadium so I wanted to be an informed fan and not tick anyone off :) That post is great by the way…thank you for doing that. I’m going to see U2 in Washington,DC on the 29th. I usually see U2 once for each tour which is nothing compared to your dedication. I’m just happy to have the chance at all. Anyway it was really nice for you to give your friend the set list – I had to comment on that. I’ve never met the band but I’m always hoping the chance comes along. Anyway have fun at the rest of your shows!! – Julie – Pittsburgh, PA

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