Review – Phoenix

Sorry it took a while to write my review for this show. I’ve been busy traveling and now have the chance to write something. I flew into Phoenix on my own, not knowing who will be there. In the end, I met up with many old and new friends. It was great to see Vik, Courtney, Nate, Jerry, and Bowman – friends I met from previous shows. I also enjoyed meeting Jeff, Lance, James, Didi and many others. Thank you Jeff for letting me crash on your couch. The queue was fairly well managed, and we were lucky to remain in the shade for the entire day. I was happy to have made it front row centre for the show alongside Courtney and Vik. The concert itself was a good one, with snippets of Dirty Old Town. The Three Sisters whom I saw dance with Bono at the Vertigo NY III show in 2005 danced with Bono again during In A Little While. Overall, I was pleased I added this to my itinerary :)

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