Here We Are Again…

When I thought I could be free from being distracted by U2ouring, it has been a busy time buying tickets for my friends and I for the North American leg of the tour. I am really excited about returning to the queue, meeting new and old friends, and of course the band. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone The Edge mentions, “Because of the YouTube [LA] broadcast, I can’t imagine that we’d come back and continue with that exact same show. We’ll want to develop and adapt it. The next time people see us, there will be new things to show.” It’s encouraging to know that there will be new material to hear on the next leg of the tour. So far, this is what my North American U2our will look like and with which friends are coming with me:

– Jun 3 Salt Lake City (w/Bryan, Nate and Patrick)
– June 6 Anaheim I (w/ Bryan and Nate)
– June 7 Anaheim II (w/ Bryan and Nate)
– June 16 Oakland (w/ Joe)
– June 20 Seattle (w/ Bryan, Margaret, and Sunny)
– June 23 Edmonton [my home!] (w/ Bren, Sheryl, Chris, John, Amber, Katie, Davin, Lorie)
– June 27 Minneapolis [my B-Day show!] (w/ Chris and Daniel)
– July 16 Montreal (w/ Chris, Vik, Anu, Patrick, and Colleen)
– July 17 Montreal [w/ Chris, Vik, Anu, Patrick]
– July 19 New York (w/ w/ Chris, Vik, Anu, Patrick)

Can’t wait for the shows. Faraway , so close!


  1. MAC - reply

    And Sept 12? Hehehe…still in Zürich! LOL

  2. Joseph Ahorro - reply

    Sept 11 in Zurich? Most likely I won’t be able to make – but who knows?

  3. MAC - reply

    Any chance to see you in Zurich?!

  4. Fas Ash - reply

    I’ll see you in Montreal on 17th!


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