North American Leg Postponed :(

North American Leg Postponed

Well, it’s been officially announced. The North American Leg of the tour has been postponed until 2011. It’s really unfortunate that Bono required emergency surgery. According to, “He [Bono] was already in severe pain with partial paralysis in the lower leg. The ligament surrounding the disc had an 8mm tear and during surgery we discovered fragments of the disc had traveled into the spinal canal. This surgery was the only course of treatment for full recovery and to avoid further paralysis. Bono is now much better, with complete recovery of his motor deficit. The prognosis is excellent but to obtain a sustainable result, he must now enter a period of rehabilitation’.” We all hope for Bono’s speedy and safe recovery. This must be tough for him, his family, and the band.

In lieu of North American postponement, I’ve decided to go back to Europe to see U2 there. I wasn’t planning on going because of the time and expense of seeing ten shows in North America. Now that those plans have been shelved, I’ll be happy to return to Europe this summer. If I can get tickets, I’ll go to the tour opener in Torino, and then to Frankfurt, and continue to Hannover. I haven’t been to these cities yet, so seeing U2 is a good excuse to go. If anyone knows of any spare GA tickets for these shows, please let me know!

I always find humour to be the best antidote to bad situations. Below are some funny pictures borrowed from a U2 fan forum on that mused about the situation . I thought they were pretty funny :) I’d still see U2 if Bono was using a walker.

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