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[@u2.com] Aug. 6, 2010 – Olympic Stadum – Turin, Italy

Today, U2 recommences their 360 tour in Turin, Italy. On one hand, I’m excited to hear the new songs and that Bono has recovered from his back surgery well enough to tour again. On the other hand, I’m pretty gutted that I’m not going back to Europe this summer to see U2 again :( I feel like I’m missing a family reunion!

There are a couple of reasons why I had to make this decision. First (and not regrettably), a couple of my friends are getting married this summer, and I wouldn’t want to miss their special occasions, even for U2. Flying back and forth from Europe and North America was not economically feasible. Second, since I plan to see U2 in Australia and South America in the coming month, it made more sense to save my money for those concert trips as opposed to seeing U2 again in Europe, where I had seen them there 8 times during the 2005 Vertigo tour, and 10 times during last summer’s 360 European leg. Undoubtedly, I’ll once again continue to upload bootlegs of the recently played concerts and will listen with great eagerness to the new songs!


  1. elevate - reply

    Dates finally announced in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane! (And Auckland, NZ)

    Now just waiting for word on S. America…Perhaps they’ll go there next year after they return to the US next summer?

  2. Joe Ahorro - reply

    Hey Andreas, sorry I didn’t respond to your comment yet. Was away at the cottage, and didn’t have a chance to write back. I’ll send you an email tomorrow!

    No, nothing has been confirmed yet about Australia :( Still waiting patiently for the announcement!


  3. elevate - reply

    Hey Joe! Has it been confirmed you that U2 will really play Australia and S. American this year/early next year?

  4. Andreas - reply

    Hey Joe!

    It really bothers me to hear you will not come see U2 in Europe. I was kind of counting on you :) Well, sometimes you just have to do “the right thing” and stay away from the wonderful “U2-madness”. Anyway, I really hope you’re doing fine and that we’ll meet in the GA queue soon again. Take care and please have a look at my U2-blog where you will be able to follow me thru Horsens, Helsinki, Moscow, Athens and Istanbul. Don’t hesitate to post comments.


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