Review – Perth I

Seat: General Admission – Front Row Centre
I was impressed with Perth – mid-sized Ocean side city – and it was easy to get to the venue from my hostel.  When I got to the Oval the morning before the show, I was surprised to see no one in the queue (at least as far I as could see).  After hanging around for three hours, I left and when back to beautiful Cottesloe beach for a few hours before texting Cathal to find out if he knew what was going on with the queue.  He replied to inform me that ten people were in line at gate 28.  I hurried back and got #10 in line.  It was a good group and the usual gang was there – Jana, Shannon, Chris, Daniel, and Simon – as well as meeting new people  – Steve, Wayne, Djundi, Emily and Martin.  After hanging around for a few hours, we left the queue to grab a drink at a lounge.  It was my first drink while I’ve been in Australia, and it was nice to unwind with the group and talk about U2 and ask the fun questions like why they inspired us, the best show we’d seen, favourite songs, favourite albums, and so on.  I felt free.

The sleep overnight was tough.  Although Perth can get quite hot during the day (+35 degrees Celsius), the wind at night can make your core body temperature drop.  My jacket and bedsheet were no match for the wind.  The next morning, I made it back to the hostel to have a long hot shower and change of clothes before going back to the queue.  The day went by quick, and the security were incredibly helpful and easy to get along with.  By far one of the best on the tour from my experience (up there with the Vancouver BC Place staff).

It was a ‘quick walk’ in and I made it front row centre again.  I was even more pleased to have Simon and Daniel beside me during the show.  They were blown away at being up front, and I was so happy to share the experience with them.  Hearing North Star was a real treat.  I wished I could have heard more of the ‘new’ material that I hadn’t heard live, including ‘Mercy’ and ‘Every Breaking Wave’.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the moment.  Bono’s band introduction and linking them with famous cricket players was a crowd pleaser.  I was even more happy to see Emily (another queue buddy) make it up on stage during In A Little While.  She was stunned, but I couldn’t think of a nicer person to be up on stage with Bono.  We were all happy for her!

After the show, we went back to the queue, got our numbers, and went to sleep.  Daniel was kind to allow me to leave my inflatable floatie and bag to be left in his car during the show.  Simon magnanimously let me borrow his sleeping bag while he took a turn to sleep at home.  I was warm that night, and raring to go for the Perth II – the last show of 2010 – the last show I did not want to miss!

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