Next Up: Mexico City

In almost a week, I’ll be going to Mexico City for the three U2 concerts at the massive Estadio Azteca.  Each show should have well over 120,000 fans in attendance.  This will be biggest show I’ll attend, larger than the ones I saw at the Nou Camp in Barcelona which held over 98,000.  To put it into perspective, Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium ‘only’ fits about 60,000 people.  I can only imagine the noise of the crowd and what it will be like in the inner circle of Azteca.  My friend Pat will be going with me, and I imagine we’ll run into some familiar faces from Mexico and the United States.  Given the passion of the Mexican crowd, it will be a multi-night stay in the queue and a good chance to bond with fans.

It will be the final leg of the 360 Tour, and I look forward to hearing what U2 will drop and include in their setlist for the finale.  I’d love to hear A Sort of Homecoming and AcrobatEvery Breaking Wave is another song I’m yearning to listen to live.  Gone (in place of HMTMKMKM, and Desire would be a nice addition.  To be honest, anything different from what I’ve become accustomed to over the Australian and South American gigs are welcomed.  One of the benefits of queung up overnight or several nights is hearing the soundchecks and rehearsals.  I have fond memories of listening in on what was going to be played the night before the tour opener in Barcelona.  What are your thoughts or hopes of hearing on the last leg of this tour?

On a separate note, thanks to Aaron for featuring my friend Chris and I in this article about U2 and faith in Christian Week.  Rather appropriate for the Easter Season!


  1. Joe - reply

    Hey Drew,
    It was great to see you there as well! What amazing shows!

    Feel free to retweet the article. See you on the tour!

  2. Drew Birden - reply

    Hey Joe, its was great seeing you down in Mexico, will look forward to catching up again in Canada. Great article from Christianweek, I’m going to retweet that if you don’t mind.. Stay safe between shows, talk to you soon!


    ps. great site!

  3. Joe - reply

    Hey Cesar!
    Yes, I will be putting up my pictures when I find the time. Been very busy with work. Hopefully by today and tomorrow, they will be up!
    Thanks again for the chance to wear the wrestling mask – that was awesome!
    Great to meet you,

  4. César - reply

    Hey Joe, I met you on saturday’s Mexico concert, you must update your photo with the mexican wrestler mask! see you on today’s (sunday) concert, have a great one friend!

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