Review – São Paulo II

Seats: General Admission – VIP Platform
Still exhausted from yesterday’s overnight flight and concert, coupled with the rain, I couldn’t muster the  strength to camp out for night 2.  The whole lot of us were prepared to just show up to the show in the afternoon and hang out in the back again.  It as an important show for Jana since she was going to see the show with her family.  We were able to enjoy a proper meal before the concert – something foreign to me who is used to fasting the say of the concert while waiting in line.

The venue let fans in at 3:30 – the earliest that I’ve been in a stadium for a show – the day made longer since the opening act Muse didn’t come on until 8PM!  It was raining for the duration of our wait, but we had fun dancing and singing at the back.  Offers by sellers for ‘capa de chuva’ (raincoat) became annoying after a while.  As Jana arranged to meet with her father, we were able to make it into the VIP platform at the back to have a unique and elevated view of the show!  It was nice not to be in the crush and be in the company with all our friends.

There were three distinct highlights of the concert – Even Better Than The Real Thing, Out of Control, and Zooropa.  I was in love with Even Better as the opener, and sounds outstanding and obviously superior live than the bootleg recordings.  Out of Control was a surprise inclusion, and we were ecstatic to hear it again! I haven’t heard Out of Control live since the October 11, 2005 show in NY!  Then there was the mythical Zooropa.  We had heard it during the soundchecks and I was skeptical whether we’d actually hear it in concert.  When Miss Sarajevo finished, the crowd was so loud, it was difficult to hear the distinguished opening chords.  But in its crescendo, the four of us (Marty, Colleen, Amp, and myself) screamed and yelled when we knew it was Zooropa.  No one around us understood its significance or rarity.  I was mesmerized by Zooropa’s performance.  Having been to so many shows, it was thrilling to hear such a rare and haunting song played live.  The last time it was performed live was 18 years ago – August 12, 1993 and had only been played three times since.  To say it was a treat to hear it live again is an understatement.

After the show, it took a while to catch a cab to go back to La Madalena .  Once there, we had our Chopp beer and pizza.  I was prepared to get a good nights rest and get ready for a two night stay at Murumbi Stadium to get front row centre for night 3.

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