Update Delays

Sorry everyone for the delay in posting my updates. I had a pretty bad soccer injury the other week.  I had a tibial plateau fracture (displaced) which required surgery on my left leg (metal plate and seven screws) and week-long hospitalization.  It has been pretty hard to spend time writing and concentrating due to the pain and discomfort associated with such a joint break.  I’m only now getting my life together again and the blog has to wait a bit. Stay tuned.


  1. Joe - reply

    Thanks for the comments guys, I appreciate it. Things have been challenging, insofar as mobility goes, but I”l try to have an update out today or tomorrow.


  2. Anonymous - reply

    So Sorry to hear that Joe, that’s horrible, surgery, geez are you going to be same functionality?

    I had my first true knee injury skiing last year, tearing my MCL and stretching my ACL but no surgery, physio made it 100% functional big scare

    I hope you heal well and get back on the pitch for next year

    Johnny M

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