New U2 Album in 2013

As I mentioned in a previous post back in January 2012 about a 2013 album release, Mercury Records has confirmed that U2 will be releasing a new album next year!   This is news that we’ve been waiting for.

Here on in, the slow drip of rumours will trickle into the public sphere.  Next, barely coherent fan recordings of demos being played by Bono outside of his French summer home will emerge.  We’ll hear of stories from lucky fans who were picked up in Bono’s Maserati as they stood outside of U2’s recording studio in Dublin, and were treated with a preliminary listen to the new album.

Afterward, an album single will be leaked on the internet, and then the whole record will appear on the web a few weeks before the actual release – prompting a debate between purists (who will wait until the official release) and insatiable fans (who desire anything U2 related as soon as possible) about the merits of downloading leaked material.  Then there will be the actual album release, and hopefully followed by a pre-tour starting in the fall (2013) in small and unexpected venues.  Die-hard fans will begin to renew their memberships to gain access to pre-sale tickets at the same time.  Details for venues and tour dates will permeate and a tour to be confirmed in the winter (2014).  We will begin to draw up a tour schedule ourselves and picking out which cities to visit on the first leg of the tour and start booking accommodation and flights accordingly.  Once the tour hits the ground, and we are in the GA line for that first concert, I’ll look back on today, and remember the one line in that article which prompted this posting, “Mercury Records also confirmed new albums from Metallica, U2 and Noah and the Whale, which will all contribute towards a good year [2013] for the record label.

Those on the outside may think this is strange behaviour.  For us, this is normal every four years!  I can’t wait for 2013.

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