Julian Lennon Contribution to the New U2 Album

In this recent interview, Julian Lennon – a close friend of the band – discusses his possible artwork contributions to the new U2 album scheduled to be released later this year.  This could involve the album cover or photos for the CD insert.  Julian mentioned that he was on the road with U2 over the years.  This made me recall the São Paulo show I was at during the 360° Tour, where Bono sang him Happy Birthday since he was in the crowd.  In any event, check out the interview below.

This follows up an earlier interview about the use of his images for the album artwork, “I’ve talked to the U2 boys to ask when I can release all of these,” he said. “I’d very much like to put a book together but they’ve asked me to hold back. They’re considering using the images for their artwork on the new album. It should be out mid to late next year.”

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