Fez – Being Born (Unofficial Video)

Very much an overlooked song from No Line On The Horizon, it was only ‘played’ once during the 360° Tour.  At the Cape Town, South Africa concert, the pre-recorded introduction before City of Blinding Lights included a bit of Fez-Being Born with the ‘What do you want?’ line from Zooropa repeating, but neither song was performed live.  I enjoy listening to this song, because it takes me back to my trip to Morocco a few years ago.  Its lyrics are reflective of my actual journey, when I took a ferry from Terifa, Spain to Tangier, Morocco and continued further south into this North African country.  I remembered Fez to be is a mystical place.

… Bay of Cadiz and ferry home
Atlantic sea cut glass
African sun at last
Lights.. flash past
Like memories…

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