Ordinary Love and Breathe

The Irish Times reported last week that a full version of ‘Ordinary Love’ would be unveiled on U2.com and on YouTube on October 30, 2013.  Disappointingly so far, U2.com has not released the song yet.  What they have given us:

– The sleeve artwork for the single was created by Irish artist and illustrator Oliver Jeffers
Mandela - Ordinary Love Cover

– Oliver Jeffers and Mac Premo have also directed a lyric video for Ordinary Love (released on U2.com sometime in November). Oliver shared a teaser of the video project on his Instagram

Teaser for a project I'll be showing in a few days. @kmmulh and her paper suit on clean up crew

A video posted by @oliverjeffers on

– The B-Side to Ordinary Love will include Breathe (Mandela Version).  I wonder if this is simply a re-release of Breathe (Alternate Version) from the History Channel’s Miracle Rising: South Africa?  It was a tribute to Nelson Mandela.  Below is a pic of an early lyric sheet found in the deluxe version of No Line on the Horizon. Considering the lyrics, the changed line was written from the perspective of Mandela, with specific references to “Agape”, the Greek word for the love of the Trinity for humankind.

Breathe (Mandela Version)

“18th of July on the banks of a not well-known river,
I started a journey to where I am now.
Troublesome, troublemaker, guided by the drums of my Creator …

“Agape love forged like steel in the fire.
Agape love whispering to us to walk out into the street,
sing your hearts out to the people you meet.”

Video: U2 – Breathe (Alternate Version) from the History Channel’s Miracle Rising: South Africa

– A 10″ vinyl pressing of Ordinary Love will be released on November 29, 2013 to mark Record Store Day.  Pre-orders on Vintage-Vinyl are already sold out.  Hopefully other vendors will be selling the vinyl for fans who are interested in this memorabilia.

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