Short Documentary: The Story of Invisible


This is a short video of the making of U2’s new song Invisible.  Some very interesting insights into the early exploits of U2 in London and the development of the lyrics to their new song Invisible.  The film captures some of Bono’s stream of thoughts and ‘Bonoleese’ lyrics.  It seems like the first iteration of Invisible was about arriving in London from Dublin when U2 were young and feeling out-of-place… almost invisible.  The finished version of Invisible seems to be in line with the spirit of (RED) and Bono’s desire to give voice to those in the global south… a different kind of invisible; about those who are voiceless but have the desire and will to be empowered.

Bono: “The early lyrics for Invisible were set on a train coming into London for the first time.  I remember sleeping in Euston Station; I remember being broke..”

Old Lyrics to the full version of Invisible

I’m thinking at the speed of sound, unblinking eyes on The Underground
6AM – Waterloo
I’m in the station sleeping next to you
You and I are not turning back

Bono: “In the second version of the lyric, uh, we tried to go deeper into the psychology of why we’d want to run away from the circus in the first place.  The desire to be in a band — where does that come from?

Bono: “In the new version of Invisible, it starts with a revelation.

New lyrics to edited (RED) version of Invisible

I’m more than you know
I’m more than you see here
I’m more than you let me be
I’m more than you know
A body and soul
You don’t see me, but you will
I am not invisible

There is no them, there is no them
There’s only us, there’s only us
There is no them

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