October 28, 2018 Belfast, UK

Location: Front Row Rail, Main Stage, Edge-Side

The GA queue was super easy the second night with as many as 30 folks ahead of me dropping out and me being able to move up. I was easily able to get in my Sony A7RIII and the Zeiss Batis 1.8/85mm and then make my way to the front corner on Edge’s side. I was beside good company – on my right was Sandra and to my left were Rebecca and Efram. I don’t speak enough about how important it is to be beside friends during a concert – makes it for a more memorable and long lasting experience. As for the photos, I was able to figure out a setting that automatically focused and adjusted light metering simultaneously, making for some of the best shots I’ve taken this tour.

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  1. Joe Ahorro - reply

    Hey Martin – thanks for the comment! Yah, having photos that are expsosed well is really nice. Nothing annoys me more than blown out white faces of the band.

  2. Martin Third - reply

    I see what you mean. These shots are amazing – perfectly exposed and focussed! I was at the rail, Edge-side, halfway between the main and e-stages for this one – getting the best of both worlds! Martin (Edinburgh, Scotland)

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