October 27, 2018 Belfast, UK

Location: Front Row Rail, e-Stage, Adam-Side

My first time seeing U2 in Belfast and I really enjoyed the city and the experience! I went back to the e-stage, but opposite side from where I was at London 2. Beside my U2 NY friends, I knew I’d get alot of Bono facetime since he knows that crew really well. Again, no problem getting my Sony A7RIII in with the Sony Zeiss 55mm. Perfect setup for the e-stage.

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  1. Martin Third - reply

    Hi Joe. I was chatting with you at this gig, along with a bunch of Dutch guys (including the lady in photo no 4). I remember being amazed when you told me how many U2 concerts you had been to in such a short time! Thanks for posting these. A nice little memory aid for me! Martin (Edinburgh, Scotland)

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