June 17, 2011 – Anaheim

Seats: General Admission – Fifth Row between Edge and Bono

In my GA Guide, I do conclude that the GA queue is more than just getting to the front. I really should swallow my own medicine, eh? In the end, the GA is also about developing community and making new friends. When we were all finally settled in the pit, I was with Jennifer, Erick, Jorge, Carlos, and Makiko (from Tokyo). I was also able to make new friends with people around us, and they reminded me how privileged it was just to be in the inner circle. Although I wasn’t into the music at the time, these kind people made the show memorable. Jorge had made a sign that he wanted to hold up for the U2 fan cam picture, “I found what I’m looking for: Ilse, Evita, Carlitos,” who were his wife and children. Jennifer ended up having a great time despite the poor entry, and wants to do GA again. Carlos famously commented about the static set-list, “It pisses me off, but I still enjoy it!” Erick and I were forged in our disdain for the Red Zone folks, and happily booed the line cutters when Bono mentioned their presence near the end of the concert. When Moment of Surrender came, each of us wrapped our arms around one another and belted out the closing, “Uh, uh, oh, oh, oh, oh…” It was a cathartic moment. My 29th show. Terrible GA entry but more importantly I was with my good U2 friends. I realized I’d rather by 5 rows back with friends I spent the queue with than at the front by myself. Happiness is only real when you spend it with others.

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