July 1, 2018 – New York

Location: Second Row, Main Stage, Adam Side

For the last show I saw in North America, I made it to the rails along the catwalk, about 7 people down from the front corner. However, I saw some very friendly and familiar faces at the front, and went second row to be with my GA friends. I was really happy that the venue allowed my full frame Sony A7RIII and my awesome Zeiss Batis 85mm f1.8 – an absolutely gorgeous lens that offers the usual Zeiss pop and in-lens image stabilization. Coupled with the A7RIII in-body stabilization created a tonne of sharp and beautiful images. Perhaps the best U2 concert photos I’ve taken. It was a challenge to take photos from second row, timing my shots in between hand waving and jumping, but not impossible. That’s the great thing about a sharp lens and fast camera – easy to take decent photos at an instant. There are some real gems in this set that I am really pleased with.

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  1. Carolina Girardi - reply

    Wooow!!! Amaaazing!!! Thank you for sharing Joe :)

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