October 20, 2018 Manchester, UK

Location: Rail Corner, E-stage/Catwalk, Edge Side

Requiring some intense Jedi minds tricks with security staff, I was able to get through with my Sony A7RIII and the Zeiss Batis 85mm into the venue. The last time I used this awesome set up was in New York, was situated at the main stage, and was able to get some good wide shots with great detail. This time around for Manchester 2 at the e-stage, I was able to get some nice portrait shots with the band. A fella who was behind me squeezed his way to the rail and ended up beside me to the right. I guess I was too meek and polite to say anything, so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the unobstructed shots of the e-stage as I had planned. Better luck next time.

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