November 3, 2015 – London

Location: Front row, north-side (Adam)

This was a far better show compared to the previous night. For London’s finale, we were in for a treat: Trash, Trampoline, and the Party Girl, Bad, and 40. It was a similar final show like New York (July 31, 2015) where we had a party atmosphere – champagne and all. I was able to enjoy the front beside some of my favourite GA friends – Vik and Gez. Despite the tiredness and cold, I was able to harness my adrenaline and enjoy my last night in the English capital. As I’ve mentioned countless times, I always enjoy meeting new U2 fans. Behind me, I met Chris Shotton from Liverpool. Despite our football differences (him an Evertonian and I an LFC supporter), we got along well by talking about how great Liverpool as a city is (I was just there a few days earlier) and exchanging photo tips (he’s a wedding and portrait photographer). He had a Fujifilm X10 – a great concert camera. Since it was Chris’ first U2 concert on this tour, I was all too happy to prompt him when there were opportune moments to take pictures of the band. At the end of the night, I was able to say goodbye to most of my U2 friends.

My favourite post-show encounter – indeed, the highlight of my trip – was running into Alan and his son Joshua. My friend Alan drove me to his home city of Liverpool after the second London concert. I was really lucky for Alan to host and show me around Liverpool while I was in town for the League Cup match between Liverpool FC and Bournemouth. On the second day in Liverpool, Alan introduced me to his son, Joshua. Despite being autistic, Joshua is an amazing artist, and has his drawings and paintings in the Museum of Liverpool. He is a big LFC supporter and a massive U2 fan! Joshua’s favourite song is City of Blinding Lights. I remember Alan telling me how excited he was to take Joshua to the last show in London. After the concert, Alan told me the most astonishing story. Earlier in the day, Alan and Joshua were at Claridge’s to try to meet U2. To no avail, they weren’t lucky to meet the band before U2 departed for the O2 Arena. Seeing the late afternoon time, Alan and Joshua jumped on the London Underground Tube to get back to the arena. (Keep in mind how many Tube cars there are and how frequent the Tube runs). As Alan and Joshua were standing in the subway, in the corner of Alan’s eye, he sees Larry Mullen Jr. standing there, catching the Tube to the O2! Perplexed at how accessible the very private Larry was, Alan approached the drummer and asked for a photo. Larry quietly asked him to not raise a fuss and Alan politely obliged. When the Tube arrived at the North Greenwich station, Larry, Alan, and Joshua disembarked, where Larry led them to a more quieter area of the station. In his delight, Joshua asked the U2 superstar, “Are you the real Larry? Are you the real Larry?” It pleased Alan that Larry took the time to chat with Joshua and take a few photos with them. Considering how amazing a father Alan is to his son, it warmed my heart to hear that Larry was patient and spent a little time with Joshua.

I consider this a wonderful blessing for a tremendous Dad and gifted son. Hearing Alan tell me this story was the highlight of my trip. What a way to cap off six incredible shows in London.

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