November 24, 2015 – Dublin

Location: North-side, front rail, in front of Adam

For the second show in Dublin, I made it back to the north-side, but this time at the front of the I-stage. It was a different perspective from the previous night. One sequence I was looking forward to was seeing Bono during ‘Until the End of the World’. Because of the stage configuration and placement of the screen for the Dublin gigs, Bono moved from the e-stage to the front to act as Judas for this song. I had never been this far out from the catwalk or corner before, so it was neat to clearly see the video sequences on the screen for the first time. Early on in the show, Bono was able to recognize a few familiar faces who knew U2 before they were famous. Bono pointed in our area and said something to the effect of, “I know you! He was at an early show of ours and yelled, ”There’s more punk in The Monkees!'” I think I took a picture of the guy a few rows behind us. That’s what you’ll find in Dublin – a lot of old and familiar faces to U2. That kind of history and context makes these shows all the more special.

Despite being cold and sick in the GA all day, Eli did a great job on stage during ‘Mysterious Ways’ and ‘Desire’. The real surprise for the evening was getting the ‘Bad/40’ closer since these two songs were widely expected to finish the Dublin 4 concert. To have it so early begged the question, how else can these shows get any better?! Little did we know at that time that Dublin 3 would be epic.

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