May 11, 2011 – Mexico City

Seats: General Admission – Front Row Edge Side
As for the show, I’m convinced that Even Better Than The Real Thing is a great opener. Larry’s base is so deep and loud, it’s hard not to be enveloped by the beats and get pumped for the show. As we know, it was Bono’s birthday the day before, so we expected a festive mood. Prior to I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, we broke out in song and sung Happy Birthday to Bono. Edge helped out and led the celebration. No champagne I’m afraid. Having heard it first in São Paulo, Zooropa has turned out to be one of my favourite songs on the tour. It’s trance-like intro, hypnotic lyrics, and dark presentation compliments well with the openness of City of Blinding Lights. It was clear that the band juxtaposed the two songs to demonstrate the emergence from dystopia into the brightness of the future (à la Future Needs a Big Kiss). As part of the multiple political narratives, Bono highlighted the hypocrisy of United States media and governments for over-reporting the drug problems associated with Mexico but failing to mention the number of guns illegally smuggled from the US that has fueled the bloodshed in Mexico. It was also evident that the band needed some more rehearsal time because Bono botched up lyrics to the newly arranged Magnificent (which was a pleasant surprise) and the standard bearer song One.

Another highlight of the show was Moment of Surrender when Bono asked for the stage lights to be turned off and Azteca to be turned into the Milky Way. Unlike other stadiums where the seats are spread further back, this historic stadium reaches into the sky. So high that it’s even higher than the claw itself. In 360 degrees, high-on-up, there are glittering lights all around that I had never seen at other shows, including Camp Nou.

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