May 12, 2017 – Vancouver

Location: Main Stage, Front Row Centre
I arrived several days earlier, knowing that from the past few tours, the GA started usually three days ahead of the show. Coming early also gave me the chance to meet up with my U2 friends, and friends who reside in Vancouver. Moreover, we were treated to the band’s rehearsals.

The show itself was magnificent. The screen was about the size of the Popmart screen, but was 400 times the resolution at 7.2K with video footage filmed at 8K. The concert was divided into three acts, with the opening act starting with 4 pre-Joshua Tree songs at the ‘tree-tage’. The second act featured the Joshua Tree played in album running order at the main stage. Lastly, the third act was performed back at the tree-stage with post-Joshua Tree songs. My favourite songs of the evening were A Sort of Homecoming, Exit, and Mothers of the Disappeared.

My photos were okay. I think my 85mm would do better at the main stage, considering that it is higher and further back than the tree-stage. I anticipate my pictures to improve as the tour unfolds.

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